The Death Notice

The death notice, for some families, can pose a real challenge.  Remember that there is a difference between a death notice and an obituary. 

A death notice is usually relatively brief and provides details regarding immediate family and service information.  It may also provide details on a specific charitable organization that you would like to see donations go to.

An obituary is more detailed and tends to tell a bit more of the individual's life story.  It is not uncommon to combine the two into one but it can get a bit lengthy and pricey depending on the newspaper you select.  This is all based on personal preference of course.

Many online sites like Sootoday, Sault Online and The North Channel Current place notices at no charge and unless we are told otherwise the notice is placed automatically on these sites.  As for the more traditional papers The Sault Star, North Shore Sentinel and Elliot Lake Standard are the most common papers used.  Please check with us regarding current deadlines.   We do have access to virtually any newspaper in the world, so please make sure to advise us if you have any special requests in this regard.  Prices for traditional papers can run anywhere from roughtly $30.00 for small weekly papers to thousands of dollars for the major papers like the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star or New York Times.

Below is a template that may be helpful in creating a notice.  Once completed please feel free to email it to us along with a photo in jpeg format if you wish and we will place the notice for you.  Should you require more assistance a member of our staff is more than willing to help.


Death Notice Template

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